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Expert advice on sleep and behavior – We educate and empower parents to implement better sleep practices and behavior management skills within their family, always considering individual needs and expectations.

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At Peaceful Mountain Sleep and Behavior Consulting, we assist families who are facing challenges with sleep or behaviors. We work with children ages 4 months to 12 years old. Our goal is to offer customized sleep solutions and behavior support packages, ensuring peaceful days and restful nights for both the child and the family. 


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Melissa was wonderful to work with! We are so grateful for her and the change she made for our family!


Mom of a 6 month old (Idaho)
I’ve recommended Melissa to everyone I know with a baby who is struggling to sleep. She’s compassionate, brilliant and her methods are exceptionally effective!


Mom of a 7 month old (Washington)

Melissa helped us with our bedtime routine, making it much more enjoyable and manageable.


Mom of 5 year old (California)