3 Steps to Get Better Sleep

1. Discovery Call

Embark on your journey to better sleep with our personalized Discovery Call. In this initial step, we connect with you to delve into the unique sleep challenges your child is facing. This one-on-one conversation allows us to understand your specific needs, concerns, and goals. By actively listening and engaging in a dialogue, we lay the foundation for a tailored sleep solution that addresses your child’s individual sleep patterns and behaviors.

2. Questionnaire

Move seamlessly from the Discovery Call to our comprehensive Sleep Questionnaire. This user-friendly form is designed to gather detailed information about your child’s sleep habits, daily routine, and any additional factors influencing their sleep quality. Your responses provide us with a holistic view, enabling our sleep experts to analyze and craft a customized sleep plan that aligns with your child’s developmental stage and your family’s lifestyle.

3. Sleep Plan & Support

In the final step, our dedicated Consultation reviews the personalized Sleep Plan crafted for your child. This ensures alignment with your child’s unique needs and your family’s lifestyle. Gain valuable insights, get answers to your queries, and receive tools for effective plan implementation. Beyond the consultation, ongoing support empowers you to guide your child towards a consistent, restful, and rejuvenating sleep routine. Let’s work together to unlock the potential for a harmonious bedtime tailored to your family’s needs.


(4-18 months)

Price: $395


(18 months – 3 years)

Price: $450


(3+ years)

Price: $500

What’s Included?

Preliminary sleep evaluation: The questionnaire is comprehensive, and the information you provide will allow me to assess your child’s habits, routines, temperament, and more.

Customized sleep plan: After reviewing the questionnaire, I will write a personalized sleep plan exclusively developed for your child, and it will be emailed to you after the consultation. You will receive all the information you need to teach your child independent sleep skills.

Private 60-minute consultation: During this call, we will go over the sleep plan in detail. We will discuss how boundaries and routines affect sleep so you understand exactly why your child isn’t sleeping well, and how we are going to change that. You can ask all your questions so you feel confident and comfortable going into night one.

Daily virtual sleep log with feedback: This tool is perfect for tracking your child’s sleep habits, and it will allow me to give you feedback on any areas of concern. It is also a great way to track success!

Unlimited voice/text message support: You can communicate with me daily via WhatsApp for three weeks. I will answer all the questions you have along the way.

Sleep toolkit: This toolkit will provide you with all the information you need for a successful future and is tailored toward the age of your child. You will receive comprehensive educational material on topics including time changes, sickness, fears/anxiety, and nightmares/night terrors.

Behavior Support Package

(2 years and older)

Price: $500

What’s Included?

  • Behavior questionnaire
  • Caregiver Interview
  • 2 Virtual Observations
  • Customized Behavior Plan
  • Private Consultation to review Plan
  • Daily Virtual Behavior Log with Feedback
  • 2 weeks of support implementing behavior plan